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Afternoon Special

 Available 12-5PM


1 Course   £9.95

2 Courses £15.50

3 Courses £16.50


For full description of dishes please look in the main menu!

GF - Gluten Free

VE -  Vegan


Choice of Appetiser or Soup


  1. Satay Chicken (GF) 🌞  Served with peanut sauce.

  2. Satay Mushroom/Tofu (VE) (GF)  Served with peanut sauce.

  3. BBQ Pork Served with sweet chilli sauce.

  4. Vegetable Tempura VE)  Served with sweet chilli sauce.

  5. Vegetable Spring Rolls (VE)  Served with sweet chilli sauce.

  6. Thai Crispy ‘Seaweed’ (VE) (GF)

  7. Vegetable Tom Yum  (GF) 🌞🌶  Spicy soup

  8. Vegetable Tom Kha (GF) Creamy coconut soup


Additional £2 for Chicken or Prawn Soup


Choice of Main Course


Choose Chicken/Pork/Tofu or Vegetables with dishes below

Additional £2 for Beef or Seafood


9.    Green Curry        🌶 🌶        (GF)

10.  Yellow Curry        🌶             (GF)

11.  Jungle Curry        🌶 🌶 🌶   (GF)

12.  Thai Spicy Salad 🌶 🌶         (GF)

13.  Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables (GF Option)

All Main Dishes Above Served With Jasmine Rice

*Additional £1 for Coconut Rice*

14.  Fried Rice (GF option)

15.  Pad Thai (GF option)

Choice of Dessert

16.  Deep Fried Vanilla Ice Cream Served with Honey and Raspberry Sauce

17.  Deep Fried Banana Served with Honey and Vanilla Ice Cream

18.  Chocolate Cake​

BBQ Pork

Thai Spicy Salad with Tofu

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